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‘Contract’ General Purpose Microfibre Cloths

Microfibre cloths clean easily and are more effective than conventional cleaning cloths. The microfibre cloth will leave the surface clean, smear free and will remove up to 99.9% of bacteria from surfaces. There is no need to use chemicals as they clean with just water making them very environmentally friendly.

Specifically designed for the contract cleaner, the Contract microfibre cloth is suitable for use on all surfaces and will remove grease, dust, dirt and bacteria with ease. This good quality cloth is one of the most effective and cost efficient cleaning cloths on the market as it is machine washable up to 400 times.

SIze - 40x40cm


  • Microfibre is the high functional material with Polyester and Nylon conjugated yarn.

  • Microfibre has the remarkable function of cleaning effect and water absorption and keeping warm and softness because of following feature.

  • The thickness of Microfibre is finer than 1/100 of human hair and it is made of triangular section thread. So, it absorbs dust in itself efficiently and the cleaning quality is excellent without any damage of scratch on the surface.

What is it's advantage?

  • They are easy to use, provide superior cleaning result.

  • Labour cost cut down.

  • Environmentally friendly, No need of chemicals.

  • High durability, can be washed and re-used up to 500 times.

Clean without chemicals

With our 'clean without chemicals' concept, using only dry products will remove dirt and dust, whilst damp products remove grease, grime and ground in dirt. 'Clean without Chemicals' focuses on:

  • Indoor environment - reducing the risks of allergy and allergic conditions

  • Ergonomic factors - reducing the risk of illness or injury for operatives

  • Education - to achieve maximum product potential

  • Economy - cost effectiveness, allowing you freedom of choice

  • Green - No chemicals required

With our concept you will save time, money, help our environment and reduce risks to health and safety.

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